Debbie’s Krampus Christmas Awwww!

Klik 2 Krampus
Klik 2 Krampus

OMG Something is wrong w/our WordPress or something, but if that player doesn’t work, you can download or play the MP3 @ this URL:

OMG LOVERS it’s that time again for Debbie American to summon her ex-bf and now Hollywood movie star KRAMPUS yo OMG!
This wepisode features the voices of COLLEEN GRATE & ANNAMARIE MACLEOD
in both the podcast & the song which immediately follows 4 FREE!
It’s a track from our brand new holidays E.P.
which you can stream for FREE here
& get on iTunes HERE!

OMG we hope this is ur HAPPITYEST CHRISTMAS EVAR yo!!


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